Welcome to the home of the Cryptex® Security Box!

Master artisan Justin Nevins created the first Cryptex® in 2004, and has been producing them for fans of the device and art collectors around the world ever since.

A Cryptex® is a self-contained cylindrical lockbox. Justin originally custom-crafted each of his Cryptex® Security Boxes to the precise specifications of each of his customers, a process that took between one and nine months. While these handcrafted one-of-a-kind art pieces may still be commissioned, Justin has developed two additional product lines of his boxes to meet increasing demand. The three lines of Cryptex® are:

Each Cryptex® Security Box is individually numbered with a limited edition serial number. The mechanically changeable code feature of the Nevins Line and Replica Line allows for personalized coding/re-coding, and makes them perfect for: gifts, storing small gifts or valuables, retail sales, teaching aides, and corporate team building challenges. They are loved by people who enjoy creating their own games, puzzles, riddles, or treasure hunts. These works of art are fully functional security boxes as well as beautiful display or conversation pieces.